विकिपिडिया बठेइ
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Krishna Chaitanya Velaga was my previous username. It has been globally renamed to KCVelaga. My real name is my previous username. Welcome to my user page! When I started contributing to Wikimedia projects, I was active on English Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons, then a bit on Wikidata. But these days I am mostly active on Wikimedia Commons, and bit of organizing outreach with Wiki Loves Monuments, Indic MediaWiki Developers User Group, and Small wiki toolkits initiative.

To read more about my work, you can go through the following links:

Disclaimer: I also work with the Wikimedia Foundation as staff. But the edits, the contributions, or my involvement using this account is purely as volunteer, and do not in anyway represent views of the Foundation. If you would like contact me about anything related to work in my staff capacity, please use the talk of page or email of my staff account.