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Usage[स्रोत सम्पादन]

Add this template to the top of any page whose an article subject is, in your judgment, reasonably likely to be non-notable (not the sort of subject that Wikipedia ought to have an article about). When an article is certainly, hopelessly non-notable, then you should nominate it for proposed deletion or take it to Articles for deletion instead.

Deletion is not clean up. Do not use this tag merely because the page requires significant work. Notability requires only that appropriate sources have been published about the subject. It does not require that any editor has already named these sources, followed the neutral, encyclopedic style, or otherwise written a good article.

  • {{Notability|date=मार्च २०२४}}


  • {{Notability|Org|date=मार्च २०२४}} if a specific wording is wanted. ("Org" can be changed to any of the options in the list below.)

This template will categorise tagged articles into Category:Articles with topics of unclear notability. It should never be used with subst.

Providing no arguments to the template will link to the generic notability guidelines. An optional argument renders the message more specific. Specific options include:

Academics or prof {{Notability|Academics|date=मार्च २०२४}}
Biographies or Bio {{Notability|Biographies|date=मार्च २०२४}}
Books or Book {{Notability|Books|date=मार्च २०२४}}
Companies or corp {{Notability|Companies|date=मार्च २०२४}}
Events or Event {{Notability|Events|date=मार्च २०२४}}
Films, Film, Movies, or Movie {{Notability|Films|date=मार्च २०२४}}
Institutions {{Notability|Institutions|date=मार्च २०२४}}
Music {{Notability|Music|date=मार्च २०२४}}
Neologisms {{Notability|Neologisms|date=मार्च २०२४}}
Numbers {{Notability|Numbers|date=मार्च २०२४}}
Organizations, Organisations or Org {{Notability|Organizations|date=मार्च २०२४}}
Products {{Notability|Products|date=मार्च २०२४}}
Sports or Sport {{Notability|Sports|date=मार्च २०२४}}
Web {{Notability|Web|date=मार्च २०२४}}

Otherwise the main general notability guideline article is referenced.

Removing this tag[स्रोत सम्पादन]

If you find an article that is tagged as having notability concerns, and you are certain that enough in-depth, independent sources have been published about the subject to overcome any notability issues, then you may remove this tag. It is highly desirable, but not technically required, for you to add a list of good sources to the article or its talk page, so that other editors will know about the existence of these sources.

If the template is re-added, please do not edit war over it. Questions of notability can be resolved through discussion at Wikipedia:Notability/Noticeboard or through Wikipedia:Articles for deletion.

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