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This subtemplate of {{Infobox settlement}} checks the inputs that will be passed to {{Infobox settlement/densdisp}} if there is a density to be displayed. This template outputs the density either as provided or as calculated (if set to auto). The automatic calculation requires both the population and area; if either is not provided then this template generates no output.

{{Infobox settlement/checkauto
| /km2  = auto or population density per km2 (via population_density_km2 and others)
| /sqmi = auto or population density per sqmi (via population_density_sq_mi and others)
| pop   = population (via population_total and others)
| km2   = area in square kilometres (via area_total_km2 and others)
| sqmi  = area in square miles (via area_total_sq_mi and others)
| ha    = area in hectares (via area_total_ha and others)
| acre  = area in acres (via area_total_acre and others)
| dunam = area in dunams (via area_total_dunam and others)

Examples with density auto

[स्रोत सम्पादन]

As shown in the following examples, this template calculates the density if all three of the following conditions are met: /km2 (or /sqmi) is set to auto, a number if given for population, and a number is given for area. It also strips any formatting from the numbers, such as population with commas in the examples, which would otherwise cause an error in the calculation (see mw:Help:Magic words#Formatting).

Code Result
{{Infobox settlement/checkauto|/km2=auto|pop=123,456|km2=10}}
{{Infobox settlement/checkauto|/km2=auto|pop= |km2=10}}
{{Infobox settlement/checkauto|/km2=auto|pop=123,456|km2= }}
{{Infobox settlement/checkauto|/km2=auto|pop= |km2= }}
{{Infobox settlement/checkauto|/km2= |pop= |km2= }}

Examples with density number

[स्रोत सम्पादन]

As shown in the following examples, this template always displays the density if given as a number, regardless of whether the population and area are defined. It also strips any formatting in the number, such as the commas in the examples.

Code Result
{{Infobox settlement/checkauto|/km2=12,345.6|pop=123,456|km2=10}}
{{Infobox settlement/checkauto|/km2=12,345.6|pop= |km2=10}}
{{Infobox settlement/checkauto|/km2=12,345.6|pop=123,456|km2= }}
{{Infobox settlement/checkauto|/km2=12,345.6|pop= |km2= }}