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This is the {{Disambiguation}} template.

Important: Please do not subst: this template.

This is a general-purpose template, to be placed at the bottom of any article that exists to help readers find other articles with the same or similar names. This concept is called disambiguation and is used with many common words, such as cross, life and work. This template automatically adds articles to the Category:Disambiguation pages.

Page title fixes[स्रोत सम्पादन]

This template will automatically detect incomplete disambiguation present in page titles. If the title includes anything other than (disambiguation) in parentheses, it is assumed to be the article type. For example, this template on the page 1st Division (France) would produce the text "This disambiguation page lists France articles associated with the title 1st Division". If the page title contains parentheses that are not used for disambiguation (such as Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* (*But Were Afraid to Ask)), set |ignore_parentheses=yes. If you wish to manually specify the article type, use the |type= parameter.

Variant templates[स्रोत सम्पादन]

Disambiguation[स्रोत सम्पादन]

For disambiguation pages requiring cleanup, use {{Disambiguation cleanup}}.

More specific and alternative templates exist for disambiguation pages whose entries are limited exclusively to items of a particular type:

Note: A set index article (SIA) is not a disambiguation page; it is a list article about a set of items of a specific type that also share the same (or similar) name. Wikipedia:Set index articles includes templates for SIAs.

Parameters[स्रोत सम्पादन]

Sometimes there isn't a specific disambiguation template (see list above) that fits for a page, or the page has items in more than one of the above classes. Then use {{Disambiguation}} but with one or more parameters telling which categories to use. Up to ten parameters can be fed, and in any order, for example:


Only add a parameter from this list if the disambiguation page has several items of that type:

These can be added if there are one or more elements in the list (per their category descriptions):

These can be added even if there's only one element in the list, since these types are not actually ambiguous:

This parameter reflects the title, not the contents:

And this parameter reflects a maintenance need, not the contents:

Note that {{Disambiguation}} might not have parameters for all subcategories of Category:Disambiguation pages, then you have to manually add the category to the disambig page.

Nocat[स्रोत सम्पादन]

If categorization is not needed on pages that are not in mainspace, then the "nocat" parameter may be set equal to "true" or "yes" as follows:

Redirects[स्रोत सम्पादन]

The following redirect to this template:

Technical details[स्रोत सम्पादन]

Internally, this template uses {{Dmbox}}. That template categorises pages into Category:All disambiguation pages and Category:All article disambiguation pages.

This template also uses {{Disambiguation/cat}} to handle the categorisation parameters, such as "hospital" and "school".

Other templates and modules used:

Template use[स्रोत सम्पादन]

Place template at the foot of the disambiguation page after all of the disambiguation content but before any categories (see below) (interlanguage links to Wikidata), as per the WP:DCAT guideline.

TemplateData[स्रोत सम्पादन]

This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools; see the monthly parameter usage report for this template.

TemplateData for Disambiguation

Place at the bottom of Disambiguation pages.

ढाँचा प्यारामिटरहरू[ढाँचा डाटा सम्पादन गर्नुहोस्]


Used to put the page in a category. Can be one of 'split' (dab pages in need of being split); 'clean up','clean-up','cleanup' (dabs in need of cleanup); 'airports','airport' (airport dabs); 'call sign','call signs','broadcast call sign','broadcast call signs','callsign' (broadcast call sign dabs); 'chinese char','chinese-char','chinesechar','chinese character','chinese' (chinese character dabs); 'churches','church building','church buildings','church' (church building dabs), 'fish' (fish dabs); 'geodis','geography','geographical','place name','place names','place','places','geo' (Place names); 'county'; 'uscounty' (United States county dabs); 'township' (Township name dabs); 'name','names','human name','human names','hn','hndis' (Human name dabs); 'surnames','surname' (surname dabs); 'given names','given name' (given-name dabs), 'hospital name','hospital names','hospitals','hospital' (hospital dabs); 'latin name','latin names','latin' (Latin name dabs); 'letter-number','letter number' (Letter-number combination dabs); 'mathdab','maths','mathematics','mathematical','math' (mathematical dabs); 'numberdis','numbers','ambiguous number','ambiguous numbers','number' (Lists of ambiguous numbers), 'plants','plant' (Plant common name dabs); 'roaddis','roads','road' (road dabs), 'schooldis','schools','educational institution','educational institutions','college','colleges','university','universities','school' (Educational institution dabs); 'political','party' (political party dabs), 'genus' (Genus dabs)


Further category keys, as parameter 1.


Further category keys, as parameter 1.


Further category keys, as parameter 1.


Further category keys, as parameter 1.


Further category keys, as parameter 1.


Further category keys, as parameter 1.


Further category keys, as parameter 1.


Further category keys, as parameter 1.


Further category keys, as parameter 1.


Page title to use, only useful for special cases when default does not work.


Set to 'yes' to prevent categorisation.


Used for testing.


Set to 'yes' to prevent parentheses in the article title from being parsed as incomplete disambiguation.


Manually specify the article type in the descriptive text ('This disambiguation page lists {{{type}}} articles...')


See also[स्रोत सम्पादन]